Why are Bedtime Stories Important for Children.

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Why are Bedtime Stories Important for Children


As a parent, your prime concern is your child’s health and well being. You can do this by providing them with nutritious food and a healthy and safe environment. Along with these, parents want their kids to grow up to be a good human being in life.


Many parents are in the habit of reading or sharing bedtime stories with their children. They usually take it as a fun activity. The only thing that most parents need to realize that sharing or narrating bedtime stories can be instrumental in building your child’s personality as well as spending time during bedtime story sessions also have some other benefits that are mentioned below:


(A.) Quality time – Reading or narrating stories help parents spend some quality time with their children. A lot of sharing happens during that time.

(B.) Strengthens the family bond – After a long hectic day where children are busy with school, play, television, and parents are busy in attending their household chores and professional commitments, so bedtime story sessions give parents and children a chance to strengthen their relations and bond with each other.

(C.) Relaxes the mind – Bedtime stories are a great way of relaxing a child’s mind. The mood is set for a comfortable and sound sleep as children cuddle up in bed and unwind after a long day.

(D.) Enhances imagination – Many of the story books have fairy tales, stories of superheroes, some ancient characters, animals, forests and adventures that triggers the imagination of young ones.

(E.) Creative thinking and problem-solving skills – Bedtime story sessions can become a great tool in developing creative thinking for children as well. Parents can always read or narrate stories with interesting twists. Pause before the end and ask the child to suggest an end to the story or you may narrate a few lines and then ask the child to continue. It will be fun and will help the child to think creatively as well as look out solutions for the possible problem situations.

(F.) Improves communication skills –  During these story sessions, parents and children get a chance to interact and discuss the characters and the story line. Many new words are read and discussed. This results in improved communication skills and enhanced vocabulary.

(G.) Increases attention span – Most children enjoy listening to stories as they find them interesting. It can also be made interesting by narrating it with the help of facial expressions and hand movements.

(H.) Source of inspiration – Most of these stories for children have a good moral at the end, they can be helpful in inculcating life skills like honesty, courage, respect, generosity, etc.

In a Nutshell

Young children are like soft clay. We can mold their personalities and their thoughts the way we want to shape them. Bedtime stories are a good way of doing so. Children consider their parents as role models and try to copy their actions. Similarly, they get inspired by the thoughts of their parents and try to become like them.

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