What to Expect on a Routine Dental Checkup

dental checkup

Today, in the busy schedule, it is very difficult to give proper attention to our health and that too the oral health. Oral health is a very important aspect of overall wellness. Routine dental checkups are the most efficient way of identifying the problems in the mouth and preventing the issues from growing in size. Many people don’t understand the importance of routine oral checkups or maybe feel anxious about what to expect during a typical dental check-up. Here is a guide that you can expect on your next routine dental checkup.

Why should you have a regular dental checkup

Most of the people think dental checkup means pain, drilling, and complex invasion dental procedures. This is the reason people only visit the dentist when they feel pain and think something is seriously wrong.

Regular visits will help diagnose the problem on initial stages and prevent invasive dental procedures. Tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases, and oral cancer are detected early during a dental checkup. It will also help you to save money for investing in costly treatments. Generally, dentists recommend their patients to visit them every six months. The frequency of visits depends upon how healthy your gums and teeth are and the potential risk for future problems.

Mostly, a dental checkup will be performed by your professional dentist with the help of one or more experienced dental assistants. Here are some detailed steps and procedures for a routine dental checkup.

  • Medical History

The first dentist asks you a few questions to discover your oral health. You should inform about the medications you are currently taking, healing remedies you are following, allergies, and whether you smoke or consume alcohol. You should also tell the dentist about the previous dental treatment procedures and surgeries you have done. The dentist asks these questions to prepare your medical history report.


  • Investigations


After collecting all the information, the dentist will move to the second step which involves a thorough checkup of your teeth, gums, and jaw. The dentist first takes the full mouth x-ray to check the specific problem areas. After that, the dentist cleans your teeth to remove the tartar and also polish your teeth. He will also recommend some brushing and flossing techniques to maintain oral health. Your dentist will also examine your mouth deeply to detect the signs of oral cancer.

  • Education

After cleaning, and checking for other abnormalities, the dentist will spend time with you discussing the serious problems and concerns. They may advise you to see the expert if you have any serious problem and also guide you on how to properly take care of your teeth to avoid future problems.

Not regularly visiting your dentist may not seem a big deal, but oral problems can develop anytime if you don’t notice them on time. So follow the regular dental cleanings and dental exams that will save your time, money and also protect you from painful treatments.

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