What is Internet and its Various Uses


What is Internet and its Various Uses


Nowadays, life is incomplete without the internet.We can contact our relatives who are living abroad through the internet. It is used everywhere like in business, schools, government departments etc. It is more beneficial for promoting our business at international level. We can transfer pictures, videos, documents and other information at very high speed.It can save our time and money. Everything is available on the internet.


Use of the internet in business is increasing day by day because it can promote the business at a high level. All work can be done on the internet because it can save our time and money to maintain the record. The Internet is used to make contact with other companies through video calls and chatting. Selling of products and services online can be increased day by day.Everything going on online like payments, recharges etc.


The Internet also plays an important role in educational institutions. Internet is useful to get information on any topic and solve the problems.To get admission in any school and college it is compulsory to fill an online form of particular institution in which we are going to get admission.Every  school and college has it website on internet in which all the information is available regarding that particular institution.


But there are some limitations of using internet. Hackers can easily hack our information and viruses can spoil or corrupt all the information that become useless. There are some immaterial things that are not useful for our children and these things can spoil their future. Today, youngster become phone addicted.

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