Tips On Keeping Your Car Clean and New

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Tips On Keeping Your Car Clean and New

The washing and waxing help the drivers to maintain their car clean and luster the van’s paint. Regular vacuuming only keeps the interior fresh and attractive. Keeping the van clean is a good habit. If your van is well maintained and clean then you have greater chances of having high resale value.

Here are some smart tips that help you to keep your vehicle looking sharp and clean.

  • Don’t Forget the Interior


Cleaning the interior of a car is important for maintenance and value. If you don’t clean the windows regularly, the grime could prevent you from seeing oncoming vehicles. This can cause a wreck. If you are driving a clean van it will boost your self esteem when going places socially. The floor and dashboard of the van is covered with trash and debris. You need to regularly clean it.


  1. Apply products to the towel


You should apply cleaning products to a towel or applicator and never spray them directly on the surface of a van. It is also a very useful method to control the quantity of product used as well as where it goes. By spraying these materials over large areas can create a big mess that’s time consuming to correct.


  1. Hand Washing isn’t always better


The majority of damage done to vehicle paint occurs during the washing and drying process when it is done by hand. In the automatic car washing the greater fear of having scratches on the van’s body. The dish washing detergent will work in a pinch. It does not damage the paint of the car, but it quickly strips off any wax and polish and leaves the paint exposed to the elements.


  1. Wax Alone Does Not Give Shine


It’s important to have everything you need for waxing within reach because once you begin, it’s hard to hit the reset button on beautifying your vehicle. Wax alone does not give a high-quality shine on a car. The paint of the van needs to be free of contaminants and properly polished in order to really shine.


  1. Use a Clay Bar


Using a clay bar is the safest way to get a slick and lustrous finish. These have been around since the 1980s but many drivers have not heard about it. This is the most amazing and useful invention ever in the field of van cleaning. Clay bars quickly and easily strip off grit, grime and other above surface contaminants that have bonded with the paint. It allows wax or polish to properly adhere and also provides the shine to a van we all desire. After washing your car the surface still feels rough to the touch and it is probably time to get a clay bar kit.




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