The Basic Role of Education System

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The Basic Role of Education System

Education plays an important role in building ethical values, good behavior etc in

youth. It makes everyone independent and literate. Education must be compulsory for

every child up-to the age of 18 because basic knowledge of our country is very important

for everyone and it helps them in growing into their own carrier. Education is a

fundamental right for everyone that can be mentioned in the Indian constitution.

Government provides free education in government schools up-to the 12th class and

also provides other facilities like mid-day meal, books, copies etc. Education helps to

make the children punctual, responsible towards their country and most important is

that it helps in personality development. Government provides scholarships for higher

studies to the students who are good in studies.


Regular tests and examinations are conducted to check the performance of

students.According to their performance in examination it is decided if they are capable

to get admission in the next class.


But now a days private schools are more active in providing education and they charge

higher fees from students. Sometimes, it is not possible for parents to pay the fees. They

made it their business. Main disadvantage of Indian education system is that it mainly

focus on theoretical knowledge. But practical knowledge is also important with the

theoretical knowledge on any subject to make the students expertise in their field.

neglect their studies and focus on irrelevant things that can spoil their future.


There are some limitations in our education system that must be improve to make our

youth responsible towards their future, country, parents and society. Because youth is a

future generation who can run our country efficiently. Providing basic knowledge to our

Students are a big responsibility for everyone.


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