Rules of Thrift Store Shopping


ladies doing thrift store shopping

No doubt, thrift stores filled with unique, DIY possibilities, one of a kind pieces and endless great ideas for decorating the house within a budget. But there are also many risks associated with it. If you decide not to buy it at such a great price, then you have lost the opportunity to buy it. I am a seasonal thrift shopper and I have done it consistently for many years. I do it for two reasons: one is a tight budget and the other is I am always trying to do creatively in my life.

I do thrift shopping at least weekly but sometimes more. I am going to share some tips that must be followed while doing thrift store shopping.

Don’t pull price tags

The first rule of thrift shopping is to never pull price tags off of the items. It looks funny but may you have gotten a better deal on the items with the price tags. Store owners bump up the price if you remove the price tag just to teach a lesson to the cheaters. You should pay a set price to the thrift stores because their prices are fair.

Never Buy Underwear 

The second rule is to never buy underwear from a thrift store. It is disgusting and unsanitary to buy them in thrift stores. I have seen people buy undergarments in the thrift stores. It is best to throw them in the dustbin then donating to the thrift stores.

Don’t dig through items not on the floor

The third rule is to never dig through items that are not ready for sale on the floor. Mainly this rule is made by the employees of stores. It is not cool to remove the unpriced items from the racks because it increases the work of employees to collect them and again place them on racks.

Don’t haggle with thrift store employees

Avoid to argue or haggle with thrift store employees while doing thrift shopping. These things irritate them and maybe they charge more if you do this. One time I saw a lady arguing with an employee just for .50 dollars for the used cup.

Don’t purchase electric appliances without first testing

The final rule of thrift store shopping is to always test electrical appliances before purchasing them. Most thrift stores test electrical appliances before putting them on shelves, but I can guarantee that many do not! You should ask the thrift store employee for testing if you want to purchase an antique/vintage lamp.

The same rule goes for radios or clocks. I would advise against things such as toasters and microwaves, as this is unsanitary and could have some other electrical problem that you would not be able to detect upon one test.

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