Pirate ship tours- An adventure

pirate ship

Pirate ship tours- An adventure


If you want a fun filled, thrilling , dashing and an exciting experience of life then pirate ship tours are perfect for you. Whether it is partying or spending an awesome time with your family under the sea or experiencing activities on the beaches and on the pirate ship you surely need to seek a pirate ship tour.


But why are pirate ship tours so exciting? For this let’s dive into the brief history of pirate age.


During the golden age capturing bigger and powerful ships by the pirates was a practice. But capturing a bigger and powerful ship also risked the life of pirates hence the pirates decided to just steal the cargo the ships carried. The crew on the captured ship was given the message to either “surrender or die”. If they surrendered the ship was sent back after stealing the cargo and if they didn’t the crew was either slaved, punished or even killed and the ship was made to sink. If the ship was of a good condition the pirates destroyed the cabins and made the ship for their own use. There were a variety of pirate ships.


Talking about the pirate ship life, the life of the pirates was full of adventures, dashing around, excitement, fun binging, drinking and if someone committed a mistake a punishment was granted.


The pirate ship life is the central idea of the pirate ship tours nowadays.



Pirate ship tours offer celebrations and a quality time to people who seek thrill, adventure and fun in their life. Tours such as day tours, night tours and celebrations by a particular group by booking the ship are done.

Ships of the pirate ship tours are most of the time built as a replica of the ancient famous pirate ships.


Pirate ships for the tours include features such as:

  • Excellent quality wood used while building the ship
  • Dining rooms for the people to enjoy their meal
  • Replicas of the ancient pirate ships
  • Impressing capacity of the ship and many more.


Some Services provided by the pirate ships are:

  • Activities for adults
  • breakfast/lunch/dinner in dining rooms
  • Open bars
  • Live music shows
  • Trips around the bay
  • Beach and sea activities
  • Pirate shows
  • Acrobatics
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Singing and a lot more.


A number of sites are present for people to book their pirate ship tour. You can choose by navigating through the sites and choosing the best touring company according to your requirement. Also if you want a private party or tour with a specific group of people you can book the ship by contacting the service provider. These companies also provide special tours on special occasions such as new year, christmas etc with special offers and activities.


So why wait, book your tour if you want this exciting experience.



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