New Trends of Men’s Jewelry

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New Trends of Men’s Jewelry 

When we think about jewelry, what most often comes to our mind is women’s jewelry. Most men might even question, is there a thing as men’s jewelry? Mostly men do not give any preference to buying the jewelry. Many guys don’t wear jewelry because they’re not confident and sure about if it matches with their look. The average man mostly avoids wearing too much sparkle, limiting his jewelry pieces to a watch and wedding rings and it must be simple. Gold is a warmer color and  it reads, expected, like a yellow accent in terms of the color wheel.  It looks well with browns and other earth tones, as well as with deep hues like royal blue or hunter green.


In this article we are mentioning the rising trends of jewelry for men:


Maxwell bracelet by Alice Made This


The Maxwell copper bracelet is known for its clarity and simplicity. It is made from a solid copper bar, it is cut in Aerospace factory before being hand formed and polished. Copper is a sustainable material and this bracelet is easily recycled.  It has antimicrobial properties and it has essential materials that can be easily absorbed through the skin. The cuff offers a simple, engineered shape with the rich tones and material benefits of copper.  Sit it comfortably on the wrist due to its elliptical form and fit it perfectly by gently pulling apart or pinching together. Punctuate any outfit with this men’s accessory or gift to a loved one. It  comes with a dust pouch and presentation box.


Earrings by Tom Wood


While you might associate hoop earrings with Captain Jack Sparrow, we’re actually huge advocates of them. Do as Olly Alexander does (or the late George Michael did) and make them your staple.Tom Wood is a Norwegian jewellery brand based in Oslo. It was founded by Mona Jensen in 2013, the label takes its name from her supposed alter-ego. Embracing timeless design along with functional aesthetics, all pieces are unisex and are individually hand-crafted from 925 sterling silver or 9-carat gold in small batches.


14 Filed Curb Chain 70cm by Goodhood


For a simple gold chain that won’t rust or have your accountant giving you frantic calls, look no further than this 9-karat necklace from Goodhood. It is made up from authentic metals and tested to pass the FTC regulations for jewelry. They are solid engrave 14k yellow/white gold, 10k yellow/white gold or stamped 925 sterling silver.


Silver Lockit Pendant by Louis Vuitton


Not only will this look great around your neck, you’ll also be doing your bit for charity. £200 from every sale of this pendant will go to Unicef to help children all over the world. It is mainly made for children to protect them from risk, exposed to conflicts, diseases and natural disasters.


Skull Medallion Hoop Earring by Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen is a British luxury label famous for its darkly glamorous aesthetic and sharp tailoring. What we like most about this McQueen earring is the attention to detail – even the fastening has a skull embossed onto its tip.Alexander McQueen earrings are finished in silver, plated gold, leather, velvet and semi-precious gems. This iconic jewelry add an edgy finishing touch to your everyday outfits.


Stone Silver Signet Ring by Chained + Able


Sure you might not have been blessed with a signet ring as a family heirloom, but luckily for you Urban Outfitters does a seriously good one.


Woven Leather And Gold-Tone Bracelet by Tom Ford


TOM FORD’s bracelet has been invented in Italy from supple chocolate leather. It is finished with a gold-tone signature ‘T’ buckle.It’s just the right width, so it won’t throw off the balance of your watch or shirt cuffs.


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