My Schooling journey: Lifelong Memories

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My Schooling journey 


School plays an important role to make the students a good person. Everyone has sweet and bad memories during school time. I also had some sweet memories of my schooling journey. My school name is JNV Sandhuan Ropar and it is a govt. school. It is near to Chamkaur Sahib. I studied here from 6th to 12th class. I made new friends and created  good relations with my teacher.


The best part of my school time is hostel life. We lived in a hostel and went home only on holidays. I love my hostel life because I build good relations with my friends. We got up at 5 am and then went to the ground for morning exercise. After morning class we got ready for school and had breakfast at 7 o’clock. School starts at 8 o’clock and there were a total of 8 lectures in a day. At 2 PM the school closed and we came back to the hostel and had lunch. After lunch we had some rest and then went for tution class. At 5 pm there was game time and we played our favorite games like volleyball, basketball and kho-kho etc. We had dinner at 8 pm and then completed our homework. It was all about  my day routine and very busy schedule. We always followed the rules and regulations and maintained discipline. I love my school days and I miss all my friends.


I learned many things from there. Teachers were our friends. They always appreciate and encourage the students, helped in our studies. Discipline is the most important factor in that school. I didn’t break any rules and regulations ever. We lived like a family and shared all the things with our friends because it became a family. It was very difficult for us to leave the school after 12th because we built a strong bond with each other and with teachers. Now, I am in touch with all my friends and teachers. My schooling journey is very interesting and full of memories.

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