Importance of Link Building

Link building is a strategy to link the web pages by acquiring the hyperlinks from other websites and apply them to your own site. It helps the users to access different pages on the internet. It also helps the search engine crawlers to crawl the pages of your website. There are various ways to build links. If you want to compete with your competitors, then you must be a master of at least one link building technique. 

How links are created?

It is important to know how links are created because links are at the crux of link building. A link tag has four parts and each one has its own functions and features. Let’s discuss 

  • The beginning: Anchor is the first part of the link. It opens the link tag and indicates to the search engine that there is a link that leads to something else following it. This part is identified by an “a”.
  • Links referral location: It shows that where the URL is pointing. It can be an image, file and another web page. And this part of the link is identified with an “href”. If this part begins with a hash(#), then it indicates that the link leads to different sections of the same page. 
  • Visible text of link: This part of the link contains a small portion of the text of the web page that users will see on the page when they click on the link. It is in blue and underlined to indicate it is a link that can be clicked on. 
  • Closure: This main function of this part is to indicate the search engines that the link is complete. 

Advantages of link building

  • Builds Relationships 

It helps you to build relations with other businesses, and use the information about promotions and other activities related to your business. The main focus for reaching out is to improve your link, but it also offers other benefits as well. You can build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both businesses. 

  • Referral Business 

A strong link improves traffic and ranking. If your site is linked to a relevant and visited the site, it can boost your sales as well. And this increase in sales helps to attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction. 

  • Brand Building  

Link building also helps the business to promote the brands. It gives you the authority to show your website when any query is searched related to your field. It can also help you to strengths the goods and services and promote the expertise of your company. 


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