Identify the valuable items in jewelry box

displaying jewelery in the box

Identify the valuable items in jewelry box


The monetary value of jewelry is all over the place. The value of jewelry depends on the trends of the market. Sometimes items that look very valuable can be worth thousands of dollars, and others that look like a simple chain are worth thousands.  Our jewelry boxes are filled with various types of jewelry pieces. If you’ve ever scored a great deal for a shiny bauble at a flea market or found a lost ring, you probably know that feeling of excitement and curiosity. There are a few things you can check for before you fork over money and bring your buried treasure to a jewelry appraiser.

  • Look for hallmarks and Stamps


One of the first things you can do when you buy a new jewelry piece is to look for hallmarks on the jewelry. The hallmark will generally tell us about the metal content of a piece, such as the gold karat purity. And if any other marking present will tell us either the country of origin, designer, or manufacturer. These markings are usually located on the clasp of a necklace, the inside of a ring or bracelet, or the post of an earring.


There are so many different hallmarks, but the fact that your jewelry has a hallmark at all is usually a good sign. Some common examples are:

For gold: 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 916, 750, 585, 375

For Platinum: 950, 900, PLATINUM, PLAT

For Silver: 925, 800, silver, sterling


If the piece looks antique and heavier than expected is not stamped. Costume jewelry has no markings so these are not valuable items.


2. Check the items weight


The value of gold or platinum is determined by the percentage content and weight, regardless of design.When you are assessing chains and bangles it is important to check the weight of items. Generally gold and silver are heavier metals than their fake counterparts like brass and pewter. If you find a chain is lighter in weight and compared with chain you have already, then this chain is fake and hollow gold.


Solid gold jewelry is very smooth, heavy and consistent throughout. For instance, if you have a gold colored chain that has a darker color or even a silvery color showing through on parts that see heavy wear, this is likely a gold plated chain and not very valuable.


  1. Identify the material: Is it fine and costume 


Mostly costume jewelry have worthless materials, but subjective factors such as maker and age may create value in certain collector markets. It is important to checkout the maker when you estimate the value of items like chains and bangles.


Vintage costume jewelry pieces are brilliant stones and they can sometimes be as valuable as pieces of fine jewelry. It is important to be sure the piece is vintage, in good shape, and has a lot of brightly colored clean stones all set with prongs.


  1. Consult an expert


If you have any doubt about the authenticity, purity and value of any jewelry items, it is best to consult a professional gemologist and thoroughly look them over. You may just be amazed by the treasures you never knew you had.


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