How to Keep Your Sweater Looking Like New

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Sweater season means fall festivities and cozy weekend wear. Winter means changing the ways of taking care of our clothes. Woolen clothes are very soft and more prone to damage so they require regular care and washing. Read on for tips on how to handle your favorite knits.

While you are shopping

Think before shopping for what you want. Check the weave wool and material used before going to buy. It should feel close and tight because if the weave is loose it will be more prone to pilling.

Before you wash 

Check the care label properly before washing. Labels will tell you if it is safe to wash the sweater in the machine or might it require special care. Sometimes few items only require special care like dry cleaning and hand-washing. If you would wash your sweater in the washer, then follow these easy tips:

  • The rough motion can stretch knits and change their shape. So if possible skip the spin cycle.
  • Close the buttons and zipper before putting them in the washer, it helps clothes to maintain their original shape.

While you are washing

Always use the gentle cycle on sweaters and apply it like a rule. Because rough fabrics can create pilling on delicate knits. Add a fabric conditioner with knits loads to keep them soft. Conditioner also helps to avoid the fuzziness of fibers. For extra protection use the mesh lingerie bag for knits to minimize the direct contact of knits with other clothes.

While you  are drying 

If possible skip the dry process when it comes to sweaters whether care labels say your garment is dryer safe or not. Instead, simply put them flat on the towel to air-dry. This will help avoid shrinkage and pilling. Never hang the sweater to dry because they are filled with water and this destroys the shape of the garment.

How to rehab

If your sweater has already hit the pilled stage, then don’t worry there is hope to overcome it.  Many gadgets are available in the market like battery-operated defuzzers that are safe in removing the pilled layer from knitwear, without damaging the garment.

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