Foods and drinks containing acid and trouble it spells for our oral health

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 Foods and drinks containing acid and trouble it spells for our oral health


Most of the people think that tooth decay, cavities, bacterial growth, tooth infections and weakening of gums happens due to excessive intake of sugared products and not brushing the teeth properly or regularly. Well this is very true but for your knowledge consumption of acidic foods and drinks in high amounts is also a major reason for the trouble of our oral health. This article will surely clear your doubts on this.


Foods containing acid:

There is a wide variety of foods that contain acids. Some of listed below:


  • Citric fruits- orange and lemon come under the class of citric fruits as the main acid present is citric acid. Other acids that are present are malic acid and ascorbic acid.
  • Tomatoes- tomatoes majorly contain tartaric acid. Malonic acid, lactic acid and oxalic acid are also present in tomatoes.
  • Yogurt- yogurt contains lactic acid.
  • Dried fruits- it is quite obvious that the dried version of the fruit will also contain acid. For example if lemon or orange peels are dried it will contain acid in it.
  • Pickles- pickles contain high amount of acid as vinegar is also added while storing them. Vinegar is the common name of acetic acid.


Drinks containing acids:

Drinks containing acids are listed below:


  • Soft drinks- carbonic acid is the main constituent found in carbonated soft drinks. In addition coca cola contains phosphoric acid too.
  • Soda- soda contains citric acid.
  • Juices- juices also contain acids. For example apple juice contains ascorbic and maleic acid.


Why are acidic foods and drinks a trouble for oral health?

This is the question for which we are seeking the answer. Is acid responsible for poor oral health? The answer is yes. See how.

As acids are corrosive in nature they are responsible for the deterioration of the tooth enamel. It is the protective layer of our teeth. It  is the hardest substance found in the human body. Enamel is made up of calcium phosphate. Consumption of acids in more amount results in:

  • discoloration of teeth
  • tooth erosion
  • bacterial growth
  • infection and cavities


Due to the erosion of the protective layer that is the enamel the inner layer of the teeth is exposed which results in the nerve centre to be more exposed. This is the reason why we feel sensitivity whenever we consume something cold or hot during the infection. In addition to this acids also weaken the gum line of the teeth.


To prevent the effect of acids on our oral hygiene it is suggested to consume the foods containing acid as a part of a meal and not alone. Also a balance of alkaline and acid should be present in our mouth. This can be achieved by using alkaline mouthwash, brushing regularly and adequate intake of alkaline foods and drinks.


People often ignore the importance of regular dental checkups. It is equally important as other check ups we conduct for our body. Oral hygiene should never be ignored and all the steps required to prevent poor oral health should be adopted with no carelessness. The smile should never be lost.

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