Exciting activities you can enjoy on a beach

Exciting activities you can enjoy on a beach

Nothing can be more exciting than spending your holiday on a beach. Beaches are one of the best places to enjoy with your loved ones be it family or friends. Beaches are exciting, thrilling and fun filled. Not only with the waters there are a number of activities you can enjoy on a beach right from a kid to an adult. Lets see how to make your holiday fun frolic.

Water bucket relay:
Water bucket delay is fun for kids. Kids really enjoy this game. On a beach hand over your child a plastic cup, spoon, large shell or anything in which they can carry water. Make them race till the water. Fill their equipment and run back to the bucket without spilling the water from the equipment. Fill the bucket with water and repeat the race if you want.

Beach Frisbee golf:
Set the equipment you carried on the beach as targets on which you have to hit your Frisbee. Also you can dig the sand on the beach and have to make your Frisbee land in the pit. Surely you will enjoy this. Make sure to set the target near to the kids so that they find the game easy and don’t become frustrated.

Beach volleyball:
Fix the net according to your comfort and need in the sand of the beach and form 2 teams. You need a volleyball and start playing the usual way you play simple volleyball. Beach volleyball is fun as it is difficult to play on the sand. For kids instead of a net you can place a towel or any sort of cloth in between the 2 teams.

Tug of war beach style:
Surprised by hearing tug of war on a beach? Yes this activity is also possible on a beach with double the thrill and excitement than the normal tug of war. Tie a number of skipping ropes together or you can also tie towels if you want. Draw a line on the sand which will be the centre point. Stand at the water’s edge and start pulling the so-called rope formed. Get ready to end up in the water when the waves strike you.

Beach treasure hunt:
Form a list of things and hand it over to the kids so that they start hunting the items you wrote in the list. These items can be such as driftwood, shells, rocks, crabs or any other thing which you have mentioned in the list. The one who finds all the items first is the winner. Supply your kids with a bucket so that they can add the items they found according to the list.


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