Latest Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital marketing is made from plenty of moving parts – SEO, social media, marketing automation, PPC, and more. 


Digital Marketing Trends:


  1. Voice Search: Voice search becomes very


  1. Shoppable: Posts now, you recognize that social media may be a huge part of online marketing. These platforms have taken note of the very fact that folks are using them to buy, and have made it easier for merchants to sell via social media. 


  1. Immersive Tech like AR and VR: Augmented reality (AR) and computer games (VR) have exploded in popularity over the past few years and are quickly becoming one of the highest marketing trends. While VR was the more popular of the for an extended time, it’s predicted that AR will outpace VR in 2020 and by 2021, VR won’t be ready to catch up.


  1. Interactive Content: 91% of buyers are trying to find more interactive content online and in 2020, content marketing will shift its focus to offer the people what they need. Shoppable posts, AR/VR, 360-degree video, quizzes, and polls are just a couple of samples of interactive content.


  1. Personalization:  Personalized marketing is where it’s at in 2020. Consumers are uninterested in seeing generic ads that will not have anything to try to with them. We modify the channel when commercials are on (that’s if we still have cable) and pay extra to music streaming services to avoid ads. Traditional advertising and generic commercials are increasingly ineffective.


  1. Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing has been around for several years now, and it’s not departing any time soon. Influencers won’t be huge celebrities or “internet celebs” with tens of thousands of followers but now, companies are turning to people with much a smaller social media following to be influencers. Leveraging influential people on social media allows you to succeed in their audience with a voice that they trust.

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