Difference between Black diamond and White diamond

black and white diamond

Diamonds are precious and beautiful gemstones. Diamonds are available in different colors like  white, yellow, brown, red, green, blue and all the way to black. But white diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. Mostly white color is used for all clear stones in the world of jewelry. Nowadays there are many ways to measure and grade a diamond’s beauty, such as light performance, clarity and  carat etc.


Black diamonds looks completely different from the white diamonds. Difference of white and black diamonds depends upon the quality and availability. Here are some differences mentioned:


White Diamonds

White diamonds have been considered as the king of all jewels. These are very precious and stunning jewelry pieces. White diamonds are graded whether they are white and near white stones on the basis of color, cut, clarity and carat weight. The color of white diamonds are caused due to a variety of trace elements during the formation period of the diamonds. Diamonds formation process takes 3 billion years and earth have different types of minerals and which can affect the color of white diamonds.

Colored stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires, the less color in a white diamond, the more desirable it is considered to be, with color graded on a scale from D to Z. A pure white, colorless diamond would be graded D on the scale, and such examples are incredibly rare. Most diamonds produced fall in the I or J part of the scale, with any higher a later than this usually indicating the presence of yellow within the stone which can be detected by the naked eye, rather than with a 10x loupe as is required for better quality stones.

Black Diamonds

In the rarity scale of colored diamonds, the black sits in the middle of rarity table. Black diamonds are neither common nor so rare in comparison to the white diamonds. The price of black diamonds are increased by increasing the popularity.

Black diamonds appear black because of graphite. Graphite prevents the light to enters and reflected back to the eye. Unlike other diamonds black diamonds have many impurities that create their distinctive colors. Some presence of trace elements can be found, such as carbon, but it is overwhelmingly the graphite clusters which give black diamonds their name. The best example of natural black diamond is Natural Fancy Black diamond. It is most desirable diamond.

Poor quality, and unusable white diamonds which have many inclusions but which do not create any definitive or desirable color can be heat treated to make them become black. The quality of black diamonds remain poor and most of the problems being hidden by the heat treatment. Black diamonds are black, there is no grey or other colors available in it.  Because there are no shades available in black like other color diamonds.



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