Diamond As a Symbol of Love

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The History of Diamonds as a Symbol of Love

When you explore the history of most romantic love stories through the ages, there was always a symbol to express their immense love and that symbol was Diamond.

Meaning of a Diamond in the Early days:

The word diamond is taken from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means indomitable or invincible and it is also similar to the Latin verb ‘adamare’ which means to love passionately.

A ring always symbolised as life and eternity and it was first used in Roman times as a social pledge of marriage between two people. Although, these were later adorned with diamonds.


Diamonds in the 17th Century


The Mughal Emperors had taken control over the fabulous diamond mines in Golconda and India in the 17th century. They had a gross passion for collecting different kinds of diamonds and the most famous one was Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor. He placed a sarcophagus bedecked with diamonds in the Taj Mahal, which he built as a mausoleum for his wife.

Diamonds In the 18th Century

Diamonds were found in Brazil, Portugal’s newly discovered colony, in the 1720s and diamond was celebrated with a different passion. In the 1770s, AMOUR and AMITIE were spelt out in diamond letters. Colourful and delicate jewellery was the perfect expression of the refined tastes of the period.


Diamonds In the 19th Century

Diamonds continued to shine bright as an elegant gift of love. Queen Victoria of England adorned precious diamonds on her wedding day to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, who tried to gain the love of a young woman who was already the Queen of England. This powerful symbol of the love was more accessible to the wider public, for the first time in this century.


Diamonds In the 20th Century

At the end of the century, attitude had changed towards traditions and romance as diamond considered its place as a talisman of eternal love.  Diamonds got more popularity all over the world because people sealed their promise of commitment with a diamond.

With the advancement of the century and the technology, cutting, polishing and setting of diamonds with other precious metals reached its full potential, to release the full beauty of the precious gems.

Diamonds In the 21st Century

As the 21st century advances, traditions change and promises  take different forms. Still the gift of a diamond as a symbol of love continues to flourish.

For all the advances in prosperity and freedom, the world today can still seem fragmented, unstable, impersonal and threatening – and love can be hard to find.

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