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Tips To Teach Kids About Money Management

To teach lessons in financial responsibility, discipline and good money habits, parents should note the following points: The Real Deal: Use real banknotes and coins to show preschoolers about the various denominations. If you have got children in grade school, you should educate them about electronic money, like ATM and credit cards. Learn From Experience:

Help Kids To Cope With School Anxiety

The kids who have some problems in their lives, they think that something went wrong with them. Because kid’s perceptions are different from the adults. Parents must listen to their kids about their fears and feelings and it will help them to cope with these situations. Parents should ask open-ended questions and having meaningful conversations

6 Brain Training Exercises for Children and Teens.

Elevator Breathing:- Practicing deep breathing (“elevator breathing” or moving the breath to all parts of the body) helps improve memory as well as emotional control. Kids love doing this, so do it often. Start out by having your child sitting in a cross-legged position or lying down and breathing naturally. After she has practiced breathing