A Mattress Buying Guide

PICTURE OF MATTRESSSES WITH MATTRESS GUIDE WRITTEN ON IT Most people buy mattresses all wrong, that specialize in arbitrary measures of firmness level or sleep position, considering the only price point, or just choosing the materials and technology touted in an ad

To make this investment in good sleep a little easier, here we provide a guide to you for buying a mattress.

The reasons why people decide to buy a mattress:

Back pain: If you are working up with aches and sore muscles then realize this is the time to change it right now. Now take it seriously and take suitable actions to get rid of it. Think about where it hurts—if you wake up with shoulder or back pain, or hip, knee, or other joint pain, your mattress may not be properly cushioning or supporting you. If your current mattress sags visibly or has a permanent indent in the shape of your body, it’s also likely time for a new one.

Mattress deterioration: A good mattress is like one of your favorite clothes the more you use it, the more it wears out or down. Due to this, it is recommended to replace it every 5-10 years.

Need a bigger mattress: Life happens. If you start sharing your bed with someone you need a bigger mattress

How to choose a mattress: Technically, a mattress is just any kind of flat fabric encasing, filled with materials that provide some give when you lie on it. The oldest known mattress was filled with layers of grassy, leafy plants and topped with aromatic leaves to ward off pests. Today’s mattresses follow the same layering concept (although the fillings are more complicated) and fall under three basic types: foam, innerspring, and hybrid. The different types all have strengths and weaknesses, so don’t be swayed by what’s fashionable, what you see advertised, or just by the price tag. Your primary consideration should be comfort.

What Is your budget:

The budget varies from person-to-person. Just a couple of years ago the only real option was going in-store, which almost always meant overpaying for a mediocre mattress or offering your firstborn child up for a great mattress.

What Firmness do you need: Firmness is how hard or soft a mattress feels. The most common question I receive from my readers is “how the firm is this mattress?” This is also one of the most difficult to answer questions. The feel and firmness of a mattress depending on your definition of sentimental, medium, and firm. It’s highly subjective. Additionally, your somatotype, weight, size, and other factors play into the texture.

In which position do you sleep: Side, back, stomach, or a little bit of each. Everyone sleeps in their own, unique way. The big problem…most people aren’t checking out a mattress that supports their sleeping style.

Conclusion: Choosing a mattress depends slightly on your choice. Given that comfort that you need is subjective, choosing a mattress depends on your budget, your sleeping position and your need of buying a new mattress.

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