5 Plans of Action to Help You Take Your Kid’s Behavior Less Personally


To handle your kid’s behavior is not an easy thing. First of all, give yourself a short break. Being a parent of a child is not everyone’s cup of tea. You are not the first one whose children have gotten on their nerves. Kids have the power to make their parents react and if parents react negatively then the power is a huge motivator. Let’s discuss the strategies that help you take your kid’s behavior less personally.

1. Your kids are young and don’t forget that behavior is the key to communication. You have years of experience dealing with frustration, fear, and anger but your children are not aware of those emotions. They have their own way to handle these emotions. This means often they express their feelings inappropriately through their behavior.

2. You need to become familiar with your main anger triggers. With the help of these triggers, you may be able to take some preventive steps to control and make plans to deal with them in the future.

3. Pause is the key to control everything. Do these three things Stop, Pivot and Breathe because some behaviors require immediate action. Sometimes you are unable to leave the room for your own personal time but you can turn away or just close your eyes as you will be able to take a deep breath. If you are very angry with your child’s behavior then it is very important to have a pause, control yourself before exploding and take a deep breath and say “I’m too angry to talk about this topic right now”. You can wait and work on problem-solving actions once you are calmer. With the help of this strategy, your kids will learn a lesson on how to control anger.

4. The next strategy is to investigate yourself. Ask yourself some questions like: Where is this anger coming from? Which nerve did they touch? Why are you feeling like this? It’s not easy for you to find the answers but with deep thinking, you got all your answers and you will be able to not take your child’s behavior personally. You should read books on children’s behavior and it will help you to control your anger.

5. Last but not the least, you need to change your inner spirit. Change your way of thinking and way of taking things personally. Parents need to understand that the reason behind the kids misbehaving is they are stressed because of an unmet need. Ask them with love what they want and what they want to do. Leave them for a while, it will help your kids to calm themselves.

Kids are unable to understand how they control their emotions but being a parent you are the only one who understands them and who can teach them how to behave properly. Don’t take your child’s behavior personally.

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