5 Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Fix

SEO stands for search engine optimization, in the field of digital marketing it plays a very important role in driving organic traffic to your website and increasing its SERP result.

It simply helps to grow your online business and increase the lead conversion rates.


SEO is such a huge industry itself that usually people who are new into this don’t know the right technique to implement it, being unaware of few things they might do these following common mistakes which becomes dangerous for the growth of the website.


Following are the common mistakes a person does while doing the SEO 



  • Slow website speed



It is already known that in this fast-growing world no one has enough time to wait for a website who is taking more than 1 sec to open up. So basically slow website speed is simply increasing your bounce-back rates.

There are many tools present online using which you can determine the reason for your slow speed.



  • Broken Links



404 broken link error is another major reason for the bounce-back rate as it spoils the user experience of your website. User experience matters a lot in the field of marketing online. You can find and fix them as soon as you can to make the user experience better.



  • Stuffing over keywords



It is good to focus on targeted keywords but using them excessively is harmful to the website. To avoid this you can use LSI keywords to your content and make it rank higher.



  • Content of lower quality



As said for so long content is the king of this world. It is the most important thing that binds the customer to your website, low-quality content will make you lose your visitors. To avoid this try to write relevant and good quality content also audit the previous one if they are not to the point.



  • Not mobile-friendly website



It happens with most of the brands that they make their websites computer-friendly and when open in a mobile phone it becomes all mess up which eventually spoils the user experience and you will lose your potential clients. To avoid this first develop a mobile-friendly website.

If your website is not ranking then try to look into your website more deeply and see if any of the mistakes are there, find it and resolve it soon.

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