4 Reasons Hotels Fails on Social Media

4 Reasons Hotels Fails on Social Media

Some hotel brands wisely use social media marketing. They use different techniques for increasing their bookings and attract more traffic that results in new reservations. Some hotels only focus on increasing sales by making mistakes with social media strategy, which results in poor brand image.

Here are given some common mistakes hotels make that you need to avoid:


  • Poor Content


Today, content is a very important part of social media marketing. We see some hotels posting poor content on their feeds that result in discrediting their brand reputation. So your content should be high quality, have genuine value to those you are targeting. It should be posted in the right frequency, timing and perfect typology. Give importance to your target audience and observe your performance if you have gained value from following your social media feeds and if they are genuinely interesting to you. 


  • Not using social to its full potential


Social media offers different types of platforms, and each platform has its own unique features and importance. For example Instagram Stories and Facebook Groups. You can use these platforms according to your convenience because the uses of these platforms are endless. Hotels should have accounts with attractive bios and profile pictures, unique brand names, cover photos, groups and of course content. To get more sales hotels can use Instagram stories, contests, paid campaigns, and social media influencers. If you are perfectly competing with your competitors the rewards are massive. 


  • Not responding or engaging


If you are trying to communicate with 10 different hotels on Instagram and I guarantee you no will respond. Some hotels only post but do nothing. Hotels should give importance to their customers and build personal interactions with them. If hotels give high importance to their customers it means they are speaking and listening to users on social media. Give answers to the questions, run polls, respond to all tweets, and like others’ content, it all makes social media a bit more human. 


  • Lacking creativity and beautiful imagery


Social media is a visual medium and a successful social media strategy will devote a significant amount of time to the creation of well-composed, high-quality graphics and images. Be selective when posting images on your websites because consumers’ attention is captured by beautiful imagery. When your guests are scrolling through your social media platforms for hotel inspiration your photos to have an impact on their mind and beauty of your account attract them and stop on your platform. You should create creative and beautiful posts and avoid lengthy and manipulative posts at all costs.

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